Brian Welker & Lindsay McCoy

Brian likes to take long walks on the beach. He loves his Hawaiian shirts and single-malt Scotch. He enjoys taking pictures of steam engines in the mountains and landscapes against a stunning sky. He works relentlessly to make art from nothing but curves, angles, and just the right light. Brian hates everything cold, unless it's beer or pizza. And he doesn't take himself too seriously. Except when he needs to write in the third-person.


Lindsay was raised on fried mullet and swamp cabbage in the sweaty pines of South Florida. In second grade on career day she wore a beret, white smock, and toted a colorful pallet and brush. At twenty-two, with a film degree from UCF, a Canon digital SLR, and a bottle of whiskey, she moved north to Savannah and met the electrician of her dreams. Two daughters and three graphic design jobs later, she now lives in Brooklet, Georgia where she and that cute boy lazily raise chickens, pigs, and the aforementioned daughters. Her inspirations include country music from the 1950s and Modest Mouse music from the 1990s, adventurous travel, and a handful of beautiful people in her life.